Meet our Nutritionists


Menka provides nutritional and lifestyle consultations to help individuals achieve vitality and sustain optimum balance of health. She strongly believes in how food, environment and lifestyle can make a significant difference to a person’s health. She has worked with many individuals with different chronic health issues and has supported them with functional nutritional therapy.

After three years of extensive curriculum and intense training in Nutritional Therapy, Menka gained a Master’s Degree in Personalised Nutrition in the UK. Before this, she has worked for many years of as a Medical Doctor in Singapore and London and is now building on this expertise with further training from the Institute for Functional Medicine (USA). She is a Certified NLP Coach.

Menka provides support with healthy eating, weight loss, detox, gut health, boosting energy, hormones, pre-conceptual care, pregnancy, anti-ageing, sports nutrition & fitness, autoimmunity, cardio metabolic, chronic health issues, children’s health, mental wellness, stress and corporate wellness. She is proud to be associated with Avocado Global Pte Ltd to promote well-being and healthy lifestyle through healthy cooking habits.