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Chef Shalu
Owner Of Little Green Kitchen

Shalu Asnani is the owner of Little Green Kitchen, a vegetarian cooking studio and food consultancy based in Singapore. She conducts cooking classes (private, group and corporate events), offers menu planning and private dining services and writes about the different techniques of vegetarian cooking in her blog and various magazines.

Her niche is healthy vegetarian food panning all styles - Asian street food to modern Western cuisine.

The former lawyer’s goal is to prove that vegetarian food can be exciting by offering tantalizing recipes through her cooking classes, private chef and consulting services. The self-confessed foodie’s foray into the world of professional cooking was first born in Beijing at renowned cooking school, The Hutong, where through serendipity, she found herself at the helm of their various vegetarian cooking classes.

Inspired, Shalu went on to earn a diploma from Cordon Vert in the U.K. before returning to Singapore to set up Little Green Kitchen cooking studio and food consultancy. She has cooked with chefs across Asia and travel is her main inspiration as she brings something back each time and incorporates new ideas into her menus. The result: a mix of rustic and contemporary vegetarian recipes spanning a wide variety of repertoires: from Asian street food to modern Western cuisine and is constantly reinventing her style to keep things fresh and modern.

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