Expensive avocados make avocado oil premium: cost of good health

You might be surprised that a fruit that looks like an egg of a big reptile and is called 'alligator pear' by many, can actually be so nutritious. Demand for avocados has been growing since the health benefits of avocados become increasingly known to the world. Yet, rising prices of avocados is a concern for consumers, but it is not difficult to understand why avocados are becoming more expensive....Read More

Hass avocados for great health and nutrition

The history of avocados dates back to the period before 5th century BC, when they were mostly cultivated in Mexico. They were taken to the United States from Mexico for the first time in the late nineteenth century. Several varieties of avocado were made available in California by the mid-twentieth century...Read More

What makes avocado oil a 'healthy cooking oil'

With the increase in cases of heart diseases, people have becoming more cautious when it comes to choosing their cooking oils. That is not to say that the process of picking a healthy cooking oil for the family is crystal clear. It is common for them to be weighed down by doubt whether the oil that they have chosen is truly the right one...Read More

Avocados and the Mexican connection

Avocados are now a global phenomenon. Every year, the demand for this nutritious fruit continues to increase; and this has been the trend for the past 15 years. More than a billion pounds of the fruit is consumed in the United States each year. Now, the love for avocados has spread far and wide. For example, people in Japan consume them in the fried form, or with Sushi....Read More

5 health and nutrition facts of avocados you need to know now!

You can benefit so much from the vast treasures of nature that there is absolutely no need to depend on artificial supplements in order to stay healthy. The pear-shaped avocado, also called the 'alligator pear' due to the eerie resemblance to bumpy-skinned alligators, is one such wonder fruit in Mother Nature's treasure trove....Read More

The avocado solution for the bad cholesterol problem

Heart attack is one of the leading causes of death in many parts of the world including Singapore. In fact, heart attack is the number 2 killer after cancer in Singapore. Every day, 15 people die from cardiovascular disease (heart disease and stroke) in the city state. To give an even better idea of the scale of the problem, cardiovascular disease accounted for 29.9% of all deaths in 2014 - which means that close to one-third of all deaths here happen due to heart disease or stroke. ...Read More