Become an ACADOTM Distributor

Interested in partnering with the fastest growing brand of the world’s healthiest cooking oil?

Flavored ACADO<sup>TM</sup> oil

ACADOTM is a premium brand of 100% pure avocado oil, extracted from the very best Michoacan Avocados from Mexico. It is brought to you by Singapore-based Avocado Global Pte Ltd. ACADOTM is now extensively available through major retail chains as well as popular online shopping sites in Singapore. Through our distributors, ACADOTM will soon be launched in other countries including UAE, Qatar, Philippines and India.

We are now inviting suitable partners with an interest in being associated with a premium consumer product to become authorized distributors of ACADOTM avocado oil in respective countries/ territories.

Our carefully-selected distributor partners will not only benefit from the growing market for the healthiest cooking oil from an increasingly health-conscious community but also contribute to making the world a healthier place.

Please contact us with your expression of interest, giving us details about your company, national retail coverage, and any current distributorships. You may also e-mail us at